CCR Jubilee – Pentecost in Rome

June 13, 2017

Talk of Pope Francis at the CCR Pentecost Vigil

Homily of Pope Francis on Pentecost Sunday

Videos of various CCR events and presentations in Rome during the week preceding Pentecost


Awakening the Domestic Church

February 13, 2017

Please take some time to review the Awakening the Domestic Church website.  This apostolate is being coordinated by Dcn Darrell Wentworth of the New Creation Community in Virginia Beach.

Videos from the 2016 Council Meeting of the Catholic Fraternity

December 29, 2016

Videos of talks from the 2016 Council Meeting of the Catholic Fraternity are available.

Penance during Advent

December 2, 2013

We can deduce from Canon 1250 that Advent is not ‘officially’ a penitential season:

The penitential days and times in the universal Church are every Friday of the whole year and the season of Lent.

However, since we are sinners, it is appropriate for us to engage in works of penance as a part of our repentance and ongoing conversion.  In this 5-minute video, Dr Scott Hahn explains how penitential practices can help us better prepare to celebrate the coming of Jesus:

Exercise your charism of healing

November 12, 2013

Challenging talk on healing by Dr Margarett Schlientz (described in this article):

The Church Alive on Salt + Light TV

October 26, 2013

Church AliveA few weeks ago, Salt + Light TV in Canada launched an innovative series on the New Evangelization in the Church:

The Church Alive” is a fast-paced, segmented and interactive show hosted by Salt + Light producers Cheridan Sanders and Sebastian Gomes.  This unique series will be both television and web based.  The goal: to inspire people and get them talking about the faith, to share stories of the New Evangelization, and to highlight the broad and inclusive nature of Catholicism and its rich tradition.

The episode on the role of the laity was excellent:

Salt + Light TV can be seen live via the internet.  Upcoming episodes of “The Church Alive” that may be of special interest to us are Nov 10th’s “Ecclesial Movements” and Nov 17th’s “Ecumenism.”  The episodes air live on Sundays at 9:00 p.m., with repeats as follows:
Wed at 9am ET
Thur at 9pm ET
Fri at 1am & 1:30pm ET

Episodes can also be viewed at Salt + Light’s YouTube Channel.

Becoming what we are meant to be

October 22, 2013

di-noiaLast month’s Orange County Prayer Breakfast in California featured Abp Augustine DiNoia OP as the keynote speaker.  His talk was entitled “Becoming Like Christ: How the Liturgy Shapes Our Lives.”  However, don’t allow the title to mislead you into thinking that this is a discussion of the rubrics, format or other details of the Eucharistic liturgy.  In this tremendous presentation, he teaches us — in truly Dominican style — the meaning of life and how the liturgy in general is our guide to our fulfillment: to become like Jesus.

What a brilliant teacher Abp DiNoia is!!  He adeptly employs analogies to make his points more understandable.  He appropriately cites examples from the saints and references to popes.  As a true Dominican, he doesn’t fail to mention the rosary.  At times, he speaks with a controlled but intense passion which drew me in and engaged my heart.  The charismatic in me appreciated his enthusiastic reference to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (around the 24:00 to 25:00 minute mark).  Underlying all this is his effective use of Sacred Scripture.  Very inspiring!  You’ll surely find much in this talk to reflect on in your prayer time and beyond.

Two inspiring interviews on evangelization

October 20, 2013

First: (audio)
Al Kresta discusses the urgency of the new evangelization with Ralph Martin here (or here) [from 5:15 to 34:20].

Second: (video)
Ralph Martin and Fr John Riccardo discuss evangelization and discipleship from a parish perspective here.

Inspiring video

July 2, 2013

This month’s feature video at the ‘Net for God TV’ site, entitled “The humble beginnings of the Chemin Neuf Community,” is an inspiring 30-minute history of an ecumenical charismatic community.  The community started in France 40 years ago, and is now in 28 countries.  The song at the end will have you dancing in front of your computer!