November 28, 2013

At the (non-Catholic Christian) Desiring God blog, Joseph Scheumann presents “Five Truths About Thanksgiving” from Sacred Scripture.


The Holy Spirit’s masterpiece

June 2, 2013

heart of Jesus

1. The month of June is set aside in a special way for devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. To celebrate the Heart of Christ means to go to the inner centre of the Person of the Saviour, the centre which the Bible identifies as his Heart, the seat of the love that has redeemed the world.

If the human heart is really an unfathomable mystery known only to God, how much more sublime is the Heart of Jesus in whom the very life of the Word is pulsating. Echoing the Scriptures, as the beautiful Litany of the Sacred Heart suggests that we find in the Heart of Jesus all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge and the whole fullness of divinity.

To save man, the victim of his own disobedience, God wanted to give him a “new heart” that would be faithful to his loving will (cf. Jer 31,33; Ez 36,26; Ps 50,[51]12). This heart is the Heart of Jesus, the Holy Spirit’s masterpiecewhich began to beat in Mary’s virginal womb and was pierced by the spear as Jesus hung on the Cross, becoming for all an inexhaustible source of eternal life. That Heart is now a pledge of hope for every man and woman.

2. How necessary for humanity today is the message that flows from contemplation of the Heart of Christ! Indeed, where else, but in that source, can humanity find the reserves of gentleness and forgiveness so needed to heal the conflicts that bloody them?

Today in a special way I want to entrust to the merciful Heart of Jesus all who live in the Holy LandJews, Christians and Muslims. That Heart, deeply scorned, never nursed sentiments of hatred or revenge, but asked forgiveness for his executioners; that Heart points to the only way out of the spiral of violence:  the way of pacification of souls, reciprocal understanding and reconciliation.

3. Beside the merciful Heart of Christ, we venerate the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mediatrix of grace and of salvation.

From Bd John Paul II’s Angelus message on June 23, 2002.

Online discussion of ‘Intentional Disciples’ book

June 1, 2013

Sarah Reinhard, who blogs at CatholicMom, is facilitating an online discussion of Sherry Weddell’s Forming Intentional Disciples, including questions for discussion.  Here’s her introduction to the online discussion, and here’s the first post.  Participants can either leave a comment on Sarah’s posts, or, if they have their own blog, can post their responses on their blog, and Sarah will link to it.  Currently, 25 bloggers have participated in the first session.  Since our Community recently studied this book, I thought some of our members may be interested to read what the online participants have to say.

Cdl O’Malley and Abp Chaput

May 31, 2013

Here is a summary of what Cdl O’Malley and Abp Chaput told a meeting of Capuchins recently.  Of special note was this:

…one point of overlap between O’Malley and Chaput on Tuesday was a strong plug for the new movements in the church, such as the Focolare, the Neocatechumenate, Communion and Liberation, and so on. Despite the resistance those movements tend to generate in some circles, both prelates used the word “ardor” in describing what they bring to the table.

O’Malley said the movements play a key role in a transition away from seeing the laity as consumers of evangelization to giving them a “sense of mission” as protagonists. He granted that some of these movements may have a bit of a “messianic complex,” but called for time and patience as they work through it.

Chaput was asked about the presence of the Neocatechumenate in Denver, where he served as archbishop prior to Philadelphia. He noted they had been invited under his predecessor, Cardinal James Francis Stafford, but said he welcomed their contributions.

More broadly, Chaput suggested the movements can provide models of living the Gospel in a “fresh and new way,” much as St. Francis did in his time.