June 14, 2013
Fr John and his father

Fr John and his father

We’re about to celebrate Father’s Day.  I hope you can find some time before or on Father’s Day to listen to this tremendously inspiring talk on “Fatherhood” by Fr John Riccardo.  He delivered the talk a few years ago, but I find myself coming back to it again and again.  It is encouraging, convicting and challenging.  The manner in which Fr Riccardo honors his own father throughout the talk is an example for us all.  Enjoy!


Two guys visit the monks

June 5, 2013

Community members Phil and Walt made a day-trip on Tuesday June 4th to Mount Saviour Monastery.  Their day was filled with engaging conversation in the car and over meals.  At the monastery, they prayed with the monks, attended Mass, and prayed together.

Phil rosary Mt Saviour 2013.06.04

Phil and Walt Mt Saviour 2013.06.04