Awakening the Domestic Church

February 13, 2017

Please take some time to review the Awakening the Domestic Church website.  This apostolate is being coordinated by Dcn Darrell Wentworth of the New Creation Community in Virginia Beach.


Abp Collins: Movements/parish

October 23, 2011

I want to keep this quote by Abp Collins handy for our Community’s discussion of Bp Bambera’s pastoral letter, and this is the handiest place available.

I’ve sought to try to understand their particular charism, to have all of them speaking to the bishop and, if possible, to have them speaking to one another. They’re a great richness in the church, but we can’t become globulized into this kind of Catholic or that kind of Catholic. The key is that they center in on the parish and the diocese, and that they provide their special gift or their charism for the service of the whole church, and that they not become disconnected from the whole church. What I’d like to do is to reach out to each one of them, and to be sure that they’re part of the whole reality and the fabric of life in the archdiocese. I’m sure that’s what they are.

Ecclesial Forgiveness

April 4, 2011

What is ecclesial forgiveness?  Cardinal Francis Stafford explained it in a talk he gave last October.  You can read a summary and listen to his talk here.