CCR Jubilee – Pentecost in Rome

June 13, 2017

Talk of Pope Francis at the CCR Pentecost Vigil

Homily of Pope Francis on Pentecost Sunday

Videos of various CCR events and presentations in Rome during the week preceding Pentecost


Shayne Bennett’s talk at recent Catholic Fraternity meeting

November 11, 2016

Here is a video of Shayne Bennett’s address at the recent meeting of the Catholic Fraternity.  Shayne is a leader in the Emmanuel Community in Australia:

He speaks about the occasion of celebrating the Jubilee of the CCR.  He has some challenging words for communities and their leaders.

At the Catholic Fraternity meeting, Dan Almeter of the Alleluia Community was re-elected as our CFNA rep on the Fraternity Council (English Speaking Fraternity Communities in North America), and Gilberto Barbosa was re-elected President for another three-year term.

Here is Shayne’s “Prayer of Surrender” with which he concluded his talk:

Jesus Christ, Our Lord, You have called us, and just as You walked along the shore of Galilee and recognized your Apostles and called them by name, so you call us by name, and You invite us not only to follow You but to journey with You through your Cross and Resurrection.  And Jesus, today we want to prepare ourselves for all that You have in mind for our future, for the future of the Charismatic Renewal, for the future we will live in our Communities.  Jesus, we want to surrender to You once again today, and to surrender not in our own strength but in the strength of Your Holy Spirit.  Jesus, I invite You to be my Lord.  I want to turn away from all of those things that would capture my attention more than You, that You would be the central figure in my life, that You would be the central figure in the life of my Community, [The People of God], that it is to You that we would give obedience, that it is You who would guide us through the power of Your Holy Spirit.  Jesus, we surrender to You.

CCR preparing for 2017 Jubilee

November 7, 2016

Here is the website dedicated to preparing and celebrating the 50th anniversary of the CCR.

Here is the National Service Committee’s document on the Jubilee.