Cdl O’Malley and Abp Chaput

May 31, 2013

Here is a summary of what Cdl O’Malley and Abp Chaput told a meeting of Capuchins recently.  Of special note was this:

…one point of overlap between O’Malley and Chaput on Tuesday was a strong plug for the new movements in the church, such as the Focolare, the Neocatechumenate, Communion and Liberation, and so on. Despite the resistance those movements tend to generate in some circles, both prelates used the word “ardor” in describing what they bring to the table.

O’Malley said the movements play a key role in a transition away from seeing the laity as consumers of evangelization to giving them a “sense of mission” as protagonists. He granted that some of these movements may have a bit of a “messianic complex,” but called for time and patience as they work through it.

Chaput was asked about the presence of the Neocatechumenate in Denver, where he served as archbishop prior to Philadelphia. He noted they had been invited under his predecessor, Cardinal James Francis Stafford, but said he welcomed their contributions.

More broadly, Chaput suggested the movements can provide models of living the Gospel in a “fresh and new way,” much as St. Francis did in his time.


Rates for Re-Creation Week 2013

May 30, 2013

Here are the daily rates for Community members and visitors for the three days of Re-Creation Week that will be held at the Holy Family Spiritual Renewal Center:

Adults (18+) = $30/day
Ages 13 to 17 = $15/day
Ages 5 to 12 = $10/day
<5 years old = no charge

Please make checks payable to the “People of God Community.”

Contact Joyce as soon as possible to reserve your overnight accommodations.

(Remember, no visitors on Thursday, June 13th.  On this day, we will be conducting our triennial General Assembly and election mandated by our statutes.)

The history of the CCR…

May 23, 2013

…from a current perspective.  See this article.

Preparing for Pentecost in Rome

May 15, 2013

Pentecost in Rome

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to send a representative to this event.  But we can still pray for its success!

UPDATE 05-21-13:
Here’s the link to the video of the entire vigil program.
(click the “Video on Demand” tab)

A summary of the address of Pope Francis to the ecclesial movements, which was done in a question-and-answer format (four primary questions, prepared in advance).

Pope Francis’ homily at Mass on Pentecost.

Pope Francis’ Regina Caeli address on Pentecost Sunday, which includes an affirmation of the ecclesial movements.